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Quality Assurance

A quality plan document includes the schedule of the project, targeting (e.g.,: SHOP DEMERIT, IQF, and PQ), functional testing, engine durability tests (e.g.,: Max Power, durability) and vehicle tests in various phases of the project. The qualification of the project will be evaluated in various phases on the basis of the quality plan and ultimately the final product will be commercialized.
In this regard, the following actions are considered in providing the quality plan of the new product:

Access to basic information (e.g., project schedule and technical details, etc.)

Achieving the opinion of the correlate department and holding meetings with the project manager and correlate department in order ultimately to obtain the results.

Present the quality plan to IKCO’s Quality Deputy

Follow-up tests are determined based on the various phases of the project quality plan

Reports on various phases of the project, based on the quality plan


Project Master plan

Quality target settings

Engine validation plan

Visit and holding assembly training career in company designer of engine (training)


Quality plan document