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In turbocharged engines, the combustion air is already pre-compressed before being supplied to the engine and due to the higher pressure; the engine aspirates more air mass than naturally aspirated engine. Consequently, more fuel can be burnt, so the engine's power output increases related to the same speed and swept volume. Therefore, turbocharging is an essential technology for downsizing and down-speeding of internal combustion engines, which leads to a lower fuel consumption.

The turbocharger consists mainly of an exhaust gas driven turbine and a radial air compressor. The turbine and the compressor are mounted at opposite ends of a common shaft turbocharger’s shaft is enclosed in a bearing housing and supported with bearings. In exhaust gas turbocharging, some of the exhaust gas energy, which would normally be wasted, is used to drive a turbine. Mounted on the same shaft as the turbine is, a compressor which draws in the combustion air, compresses it, and then supplies it to the engine. 

Now IPCO Unveiling EF7-TC engine as a reply to request of those customers that wiling powerful and reliable driving experience. IPCO equipped EF7-TC with turbocharging technology alongside modifying engine components to withstand against high combustion energy and safly produce high power and torque.