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Designing and prototyping of Gear Box

Design and development of gearbox assemblies and parts in IPCO follow a product development procedure with clear and interconnected phases. Top down design, skeleton model preparation to consider restrictions on interfaces, and concurrent design with the help of data management software are part of the design practice institutionalized at IPCO.

Benchmarking and product specification book

Automakers, academic institutions, and other relevant persons, before investing in a particular gearbox or transmission technology can contact IPCO consultancy to obtain relevant data on a categorized order. Reports of gear specifications, housings, shafts, synchronizers, with material manufacturing method, performance, durability, evaluation tables, and introduction similar technologies are included in the manual.

Vehicle performance optimization

A vehicle with an engine with appropriate, cost-effective gearbox alterations can be optimized for different working conditions. The target setting for variables such as acceleration, torque, fuel consumption, and emissions level, and selection of the optimal gear ratio for maximum power or lower fuel consumption are part of the optimization process.

Performance and durability tests

IPCO is well aware of design and test standards and procedures for gearbox parts and assemblies and is an authoritative reference in Iran for transmission innovations. Equipped with equivalent facilities and continuous cooperation with well-known engineering service companies allow IPCO to act as a consultant or contractor of the gearbox performance and durability tests for the most part.