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About IPCO

The Iran Khodro Powertrain Company (IPCO) was founded in 1997. Company activity focuses on powertrain system development, from concept design to the start of production. IPCO has utilized the knowledge of more than 300 experienced experts on different fields of Internal Combustion Engines. The main goal of IPCO is research and development to present solutions for reduction of engine emission and fuel consumption, especially using CNG engines.

We employed highly-skilled researchers and engineers to design, simulate, and test different engine systems and components. Moving forward, IPCO maintained its commitment to the environment by strengthening and developing CNG engines and hybrid technologies.

IPCO focuses on R&D investment to strengthen its competitiveness and develop new technologies for the future. The primary goal of the company is investment in the development of innovative fuel efficiency improvement, as well as green and smart technologies.

The most important values for IPCO are continuous development of efficient and professional human resources, protection of the environment, respecting customers, and responsibility towards society.