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Testing Solutions

  Engine Testing Laboratory

IPCO offers vehicle manufacturers and suppliers both performance and durability services. The lab has conducted studies in

  • Combustion research
  • Product development
  • Product performance
  • Engine management system calibration
  • Component durability

Testing is conducted by highly-trained, experienced staff members, who understand the challenges facing manufacturers today. Complete confidentiality for testing is assured. Laboratory services are conducted to meet individual customer schedules at a competitive cost.

Coordinate-Measuring Machine (CMM) Lab

IPCO measurement laboratory with take advantage of experienced experts, accurate devices and laboratory facilities is one of the best-equipped laboratories in the country and has been able to do accurate measurement services to the industrial centers. IPCO measurement services have the traceability according to international institutions in Europe (NPL- PTB).


Combustion Lab

The optically accessible combustion vessel is a high-pressure combustion vessel which enables combustion studies including spray, ignition, and flame investigations at a maximum pressure of 100 bar.

The main capabilities and activities in this lab may be summarized as follows:

  • Injection of liquid and gaseous fuels in constant volume chamber, measuring jet penetration and jet angle
  • Static and dynamic mass flow, measuring different injector types
  • Ignition and combustion test in constant volume chamber and record of high-speed events with classical schlirien method
  • Investigation of parameters affecting ignition characteristics in engine-like conditions
  • Ability to build and establish an optic research laboratory at which to conduct combustion and injection studies, at universities and other research centers


The Schlirien system is set up with the cylindrical bomb to take optical recordings of the combustion event. A Z-type Schlirien setup consists in five components, as seen in Figure A.4. Starting from the light source, which is a 100-Watt Halogen lamp, two concave mirrors and high speed camera.


Flow bench test Lab

Charge entrance quality assessment is one of the most important processes in intake and exhaust system development. In the Flow bench test Lab, the volumetric flow rate that has been changed with the pressure differential of the test object and Swirl and Tumble that has been created by intake port shape, is measured.


Vehicle test bench

IPCO Vehicle test bench in possession of advanced equipment is one of the most respected authorities in the country for running tests focused on measuring vehicle emissions. Because of the flexibility in meeting customer requests, many companies and prestigious research centers are encouraged to refer their tests to IPCO.

Contact Information

Email: enginelab@ip-co.com